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Come down to Leominster (say 'Lemster', not Leo Minster, or the locals will give you a funny look...) for some delicious cider fresh from the barrel.

Tasting room & shop opening hours:

Monday to Saturday: 10.30am - 5pm

Sunday: 10am till 1pm

Newton Nr Leominster HR6 0PF


Click the pin on the map below for directions on Google Maps.


Turn off at the roundabout near the Cadbury's factory, then turn left at the sign. NB please don't get distracted by the chocolate factory: there's more magic happening on our side of the road...

Want to visit with a group? You can enjoy a taste of cider while Paul talks you through the cider and Perry making process on the farm. On dry days, you and your group are very welcome to walk around the orchards and Paul will happily explain orchard management, what the different varieties of apples & pears are and, most importantly, what they mean to the taste of the cider or Perry.  Priced at £8 per person, including a taste of local cheeses and fresh crusty bread, it's the ideal way to get a feel for why Herefordshire is the home of cider! 

All of our group tours are prearranged so get in touch to find out more paul.newtonscider@gmail.com 


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