We sent some bottles of our Gasping Goose and Panting Partridge Perry to Chicago at the start April to be judged at GLINTCAP - our very first international competition. We're very pleased to say we came away with a Silver for the Perry and a Bronze award for our Goose! Great news against some tough competition from all over the cider making world!

It was a busy weekend for collecting awards during May Bank Holiday! As well as hearing about the GLINTCAP results, we went along to the Big Apple at Putley and won 2nd place for Panting Partridge! Roll on the Cider Trials at the Royal Bath and West Show at the start of June! We have our fingers crossed........


Reasons to drink apple cider vinegar.

We bottled our first apple cider vinegar just after Christmas ready for sale in the shop at Newton Court. It's amazing stuff...It does everything from helping creaky joints to polishing wooden furniture! 

From a scientific viewpoint, the 'superness' of apple cider vinegar is believed to come from it's high concentration of acetic acid which improves the body's absorbtion of important minerals from the foods we eat

It's best to start with a tablespoonful in a glass of water - and if you can't get used to the taste, mix it up with a drop on honey.