Fathers Day Gift Cider Tour 28th June

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28 Jun 2024
1:15 pm

Searching for a gift for Fathers Day?  On 28th June (and several other dates) we are running a cider tour which will inform, refresh and delight!

Some of the questions you might have answered on one of our cider tours:

  • How can you tell if an apple is ripe?
  • How many litres of apple juice do you get out of a tonne of apples?
  • What’s the difference between perry and apple cider?
  • Why is frost important to cider making?
  • How does our organic flock of sheep help with the cider production?

The cost for the tour, tasting and a Newton Court Ploughman’s Lunch is £25.  For under 18s who are accompanying adults, the cost is £15 for the tour, apple juice tasting and a Ploughman’s.  Usually we take people on the tour for an hour to an hour and a quarter and then return for the Ploughman’s and tasting during the food service.

You can make a Cider Tours booking through our shop or for more than 10 people, or to use a gift voucher, please email to hello@newtoncourt.uk or call 01568 611721.