Full, bittersweet fruity cider
Categories:Limited edition, Single varietal, Still
Apple Varieties:Major

If you are looking for a classic, full, bittersweet fruity cider, try our single variety Major.

Records show Major emerged in the mid to late 19th century, mainly in the Somerset and Devon area.  It proves its use both in taste and by ripening at the end of September – at the early end of cider fruit – thus helping to extend the cider making season.  Our Major came from an ancient, overgrown orchard in Dilwyn that had not been harvested for several years.  It took a good couple of stints to clear the orchard of broken branches and head height nettles so we could get in with our apple picker.  The small to medium sized slightly conical apples milled and pressed well and fermented beautifully.

We’ve set aside some of this cider to be packaged as single variety, with some adding rich colour and fullness to our cider blends.  This cider is limited edition.

This beer is a seasonal special so it isn’t available for sale at the moment.

Have a look at the Our Beers page to see the programme for specials in 2022.

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