Newton Court accessibility


Newton Court is a new building, completed in 2022.  As such, we have been able to create a facility that is accessible to all.  Here are some aspects of the accessibility that we’d like to share with all our visitors.  Newton Court is step free.

From the main road to the car park, there is about 20m of slightly sloped road.  It’s barely noticeable in a car, but for visitors by bike, you’ll want to be in a low gear.  Pushing up a pushchair or wheelchair if you have arrived by bus will be noticeable but it is only a short slope.

We have dedicated disabled parking right in front of Newton Court.  The spaces are marked out to be wider and the ground in these spaces is tarmacked, as opposed to gravel in the rest of the car park.  There is a gentle concrete slope, about 5 m long from the car park up to the café.

The side door to the café has the easiest access as the door lip has been lowered and smoothed with concrete.

Inside, tables are well spaced.  We have different styles of tables and some are especially easy to place a wheel or push chair underneath.

We have a disabled toilet.

Everybody is welcome to Newton Court.