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Gasping Goose

Gasping Goose

Our flagship cider

Made from a blend of cider varieties including Yarlington Mill, Dabinett and Harry Masters, Gasping Goose is a well-balanced, golden, medium-bodied Herefordshire cider. The “Goose” is crafted from organic apples grown to Soil Association standards in Newton Court Farm’s orchards, resulting in an easy-to-drink cider, perfect for any season.  If ever there was a taste of Herefordshire, Gasping Goose 5.8% (4.8% in keg) steps up to the mark.

Kevin Wilkinson 1948-2015

We’re often complimented on the choice of name of Gasping Goose.  We had some help in this respect from Kevin Wilkinson, cider enthusiast and connoisseur.  Kevin’s family, who live in Cheshire, came across a bottle of Gasping Goose in a bar in their home town and recognised the name as one that their dad / grandad had told them he’d suggested to a Herefordshire cider maker on his travels, though none of them knew it had been adopted.  Kevin passed in 2015, but his family made contact and we are happy to recognise Kevin as a wordsmith and branding expert as well as his cider credentials.  Thank you Kevin!

We enjoy Gasping Goose alongside a selection of strong, aged cheeses.

Goose on the goose

Still or sparkling?  Some people enjoy the smoothness of a still cider and others the “bite” of sparkle.  Our 330ml, 500ml, 750ml bottles and our keg cider are sparkling.  For still cider connoisseurs, 2L glass and plastic flagons and all sizes of bag in box / polypin are still.

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