Our Ciders

Panting partridge newton court cider

Newton Court Cider has a reputation for crafting great cider.  This means making cider out of proper apples. It means a cidery surrounded by orchards, not industrial equipment. It means people covered in mud and apple peels, not people in suits. Buying craft cider supports local business, the heritage and the countryside.  But most of all, craft cider tastes much, much better.

We’re very lucky to have the Newton Court Visitor Centre to showcase Newton Court Cider (and perry!).  Here you can enjoy a drink of Gasping Goose organic 5.8% medium cider; enjoy food from our menu which might feature our cider as an ingredient; complement the food you are enjoying with a recommended cider; overlook our orchards; see our cider apples being pressed or the cider being bottled.  The project name for the building of the Newton Court Visitor Centre was the “Chapel of Apple” and we certainly rejoice in all things apple and cider.

Let us entice you with some of our cider and perry names: Little Owl, Gasping Goose, Panting Partridge, Harry Masters, Black Mountain Perry or Farmhouse Scrumpy.  We offer a broad range of ciders in a variety of different pack sizes to suit everything from a bistro to a party to a micropub to a sharing bottle with friends.  If you are looking to buy for yourself, family or friends, please head to our Online Cider Shop page.  For trade customers, please head to our Trade and Wholesale Cider page.

Still or sparkling?  Some people enjoy the smoothness of a still cider and others the “bite” of sparkle.  Our 330ml, 500ml, 750ml bottles and our keg cider are sparkling.  For still cider connoisseurs, 2L glass and plastic flagons and all sizes of bag in box / polypin are still.