Black Mountain Perry

Special keeved perry
Black Mountain Perry - 750ml £13.50
Black Mountain Perry - 6x750ml £80.00

Our Black Mountain Perry is a keeved perry.  But why Black Mountain and what is keeved perry?  The Black Mountains overlook Herefordshire, with its red soil, Hereford cattle and sprawling orchards. Perry pear trees bear their forgotten fruit.  Unlike cider, perry does not contain as much tannin but is more astringent in taste. Perry Pear trees are principally found in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and parts of Monmouth, where varieties such as Brandy, Brown Bess and Thorn can be found. Using the Normandy method, we have bottled this perry before its fermentation has finished, capturing the natural fruit sugars, allowing secondary fermentation to occur, thus resulting in a naturally sparkling keeved perry.

Black Mountain Perry is presented in a 75cl clear bottle with a champagne cork and cage.  It is the perfect drink to toast a happy couple at a Herefordshire wedding, or indeed would be ideal for sharing as one would do a bottle of wine.