Little Owl

Dessert apple cider
Little Owl - 12 x 330ml £29.00
Little Owl - 24 x 330ml £57.50
Little Owl - 12 x 500ml £41.00
Little Owl - 2L Plastic Flagon £11.50

Inspired by ciders made in the USA, Little Owl uses old fashioned eating apple varieties such as Cox and Russet to create a lighter, fruitier style of cider.  It’s medium sweet with low tannins.  We’ve now introduced a larger, 500ml bottle, in addition to the 330ml bottles.

We were moved to name one of our ciders Little Owl in recognition of the presence of these birds in and around our organic farm and in the fields besides Newton Lane.  Like many nature lovers we are somewhat smitten by these quirky and characterful creatures.

Little owl pic