Yarlington Mill

Cider makers' favourite
Yarlington Mill - 12 x 330ml £29.00
Yarlington Mill - 24 x 330ml £57.50
Yarlington Mill - 10L Polypin £53.00
Yarlington Mill - 20L Polypin £84.00

One of the legends of the cider world, Yarlington Mill is revered by many cider makers as their favourite apple. It creates a cider with the colour, aroma and texture of the rich red Herefordshire earth with a good flavour and strong aroma.  We offer Yarlington Mill both as a single varietal and to be found blended in to Gasping Goose or Farmhouse Scrumpy.

Apple tree nurseries promote the upright growth, heavy cropping and high yield of Yarlington Mill.  It was apparently first found growing out of a wall by a Mr. Bartlett by the water wheel at Yarlington, North Cadbury in Somerset during the late 19th century